Bird Watching Tour

West Bali National Park is an area protected by government, is a heaven for its wild life, including hundreds of unique Bali bird….Bird watching is an activity not to miss when visits Bali National Park!
Rp. 650.000/person (Minimum 2 persons) Rate inclusive of; Guide, Entrance fee, Transportation, & Mineral Water

Temple Tour & Grapes Farm Tour
Pulaki Temple is a famous temple among the Hindu people in Bali. There are the group of      monkeys dwell the hill forest around the temple and it usually standing around the temple in the day time. The beautiful beach with black sand and calm sea water is one of the fascinations to visitor to come to this temple. You can find the beautiful hill bank and beaches along the coastal road, during the tour there will be a stop over in a grapes Farm (one of North-West Bali farming speciality)
Rp. 350.000 (Maximum 4 persons) Rate inclusive of; Guide, Transpotation, & Mineral Water (Not Including the Donation)

Rain forest long Trekking (7-8 Hour)
Explore two forest, monsoon and evergreen.Any species of animals inhabiting the includes grey monkeys, kingfisher, heron, curlew and many other species of birds. In the forest such as barking deer, deer, wild pigs. Then we’re going to evergreen forest. There living black monkeys, a species that we cannot find at another place. They live into groups and eat only leaves and fruits.
Rp. 900.000/person (Minimum 2 persons) Rate inclusive of; Guide, Entrance fee, Transpotation, & Mineral Water

Pearl Farm Tour
Learn about the oyster-breeding program, the cultivation cycle and see a demonstration of pearl seeding and harvestingVisiting the pearl farm gives the unique opportunity to see and understand the whole process from the human intervention on the oyster, to the birth of the pearl and all various stages until it is finally extracted from the shell and made into a fine piece of jewellery.
Rp. 350.000/Trip (Maximum 4 persons)

Dolphin Tour
The dolphin watching tour in this place is quite different where most of the traditional boats are used to explore the ocean. The time of visit is very limited when the sunrise time only. However, the wave at Lovina is relative calm.
Rp. 750.000/Trip (Maximum 3 persons)

Jungle Trekking (2-3 hours)
A Jungle expedition to the remote area of West Bali National Park, where the real virgin landscaping offers it’s protected flora and fauna.
Rp. 550.000/person (Minimum 2 persons)Rate inclusive of; Guide, Entrance fee, Transpotation, & Mineral Water

Traditional Fishing (2-3 Hours)
Sailing along with native fisherman and traditional boat, get an amazing experience as a local fisherman.
Rp. 550.000/personRate inclusive of; Guide, Transpotation, Mineral Water

Turtle Farm Tour
Also in Pemuteran beach area, you may find a Turtle Farm at Reef Seen to provide a family touch to the turtles, The purpose is to protect the living sea turtles and  increase the chances for turtle hatchlings to reach maturity.Rp. 250.000/Car (Maximum 4 persons)

Diving & Snorkeling Tour
Discover the fascinating underwater realm of the world-class diving area of Menjangan Island.. To ensure highest quality safety & diving development, all dive courses will be conducted by our worldwide experienced PADI – certified instructors.

Bali Day Tour Rp. 1.500.000 net per car, maximum 4 persons/carRate inclusive of; Driver that as a Guide as well, petrol, Entrance fee, & Mineral water (rate is not including lunch).