Pemuteran Dive

The topography of the bay of Pemuteran is surrounded by seamounts or artificial reef created by an initiative of the local inhabitants fifteen years ago. What’s special around here? Macro dive from frogfish, electric clams, halgerda’s, nembrotha’s chromodoris’s nudibranchs, seahorse and also some great chances to visits some white tip sharks and school of fusiliers

We provide a personal service with the highest possible quality and safety in diving, never forgetting that we all want to have fun.

Whether exploring the secrets of Menjangan Island or exploring remote dive sites around Pemuteran area, you will find adventure on every dive and meet others who share your quest for unending excitement! Pemuteran dive Adventures is situated at Pemuteran Village, one of the best Tourist Destination in BALI. Pemuteran dive adventures itself are making sure that your diving experience will remain imprinted in your memory forever.

We offer Discover Scuba Diving (Introductory Dive) to the dive courses. Our Fun and unique skilled based training program produces better divers, and you will gain the confidence and skills necessary to enjoy a lifetime of diving.

We have Pemuteran Dive Package below :

Close Encounter is situated around 15 minute from the shore by boat.

The reef has a nice mix of hard and soft coral. The fishes here are classic reef fishes, such as schools of snappers, large jacks, bat fish, sweet lips, emperor fish and fusiliers.

Sometimes you have the surprise to closely encounter (reason for the site name) larger species: an eagle ray, reef sharks, tuna, even a whale shark has been reported.

To finish off your dive there are also splendid coral gardens at 3-5 meters, where it is easy and pleasant to do a long safety stop


Napoleon Reef is situated arount 15 minute from the shore by boat. The reef has a flat top gently sloping down, with a small wall towards the south side.

The slopes of the reefs are covered with an amazing variety of colorful soft coral, sea fans, giant barrels and other sponges. Squid, cuttlefish and rays are sighted regularly.

3. PEMUTERAN – Pura Tembok

The temple wall, also named Pura Tembok, is situated arount 15 minute from the shore by boat. It is an interesting dive with a good selection of crustaceans.

The steep wall is covered with large fans, sponges, and soft coral. You will even discover the rare flame scallop in the crannies and crevices. 

The wall bottom ranges from 16 to 35 meters. As the dive site is relatively close to the shore, the visibility may sometimes be a bit degraded.

Pemuteran Reef (2x Dives)

Include : Dive master, Lunch & Mineral water, Boat, Transporttation, Equipment, Tank & weight belt.

Pemuteran Night Dive (Shore) 1x Dive

Include : Dive master, Torch, Transportation, Equipment, Tank & weight belt.